Chopin’s Main Courses


Cafe Beef Burger

(G, M, E, MU)      € 12,95                 

100% Irish Beef Burger (spiced) Topped with Cheese, Onion Rings, Relish and Salad Garnish Served with Steak House Chips

Homemade Lasagne Bolognese

(G, M, MU, SD, E, C)        € 10,95

Fillled with Mince, Freesh Vegetable, Parmesan Cheese, Bechamel Sauce Served with Chips and Salad Garnish

Stir Fry Chicken

(G, E, C)       € 10,95

Mix of Seasonal Vegetable & Chicken in a Sweet Chilli Sauce Served with Egg Noodles

Chopin’s Brunch

(G, E)        € 11,95

2 Rashers, 2 Sausages, Egg, Tomato, Mushroom, Black and White Pudding Served with Steak Chips

Sirloin Steak Sandwich

(G, MU)       € 14,95

Sirloin Steak Served on Garlic Ciabatta Bread with Spicy Sauce, Salad Garnish, Onion Rings & Chips

Thai Style Green Vegetarian Curry

(GF, V)        € 9,95

Medium Spiced Seasonal Vegetable Curry Served with Rice & Pompedon ( add Chicken for € 2 )

Pan Fried Prawns in a Garlic Sauce

(SH, G MU)       € 11,95

Served with Polenta & Vegetable Cake & Seasonal Salad



All Our Beef is from Animals Born in Ireland, Reared in Ireland and Slaughtered in Ireland


Side Orders

Steak Chips € 3,00

House Salad (MU) € 3,00

Homemade Brown Bread (G) € 1,80

Garlic Bread Ciabatta (G) € 3,50

Garlic Bread with Cheese (G, M) € 4,50

Onion Rings (G) € 3,00